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Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto

May 7, 2012

Between May 1 and May 26, a broad coalition of food, farm, health, public interest, and environmental groups all over the country, joined by leading organic food companies, will attempt to raise one million dollars to support the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, a citizens’ ballot initiative, and other state GMO-labeling campaigns.

If we reach our goal by May 26, we’ll receive a matching $1 million gift!

Passing this law in California is the first critical step toward requiring GMO labeling in every state.

The scientific evidence is clear: GMOs are hazardous. You have the right to know if your food contains GMOs. But you don’t. Not yet. Because Monsanto has bought off the politicians and the regulatory agencies.”
Link is below:

Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto.

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